A lofty style indeed

Elevated. Welcoming. Durable. Efficient. Versatile.

From its beginnings in the abandoned production spaces of the Twentieth Century, to its steadily growing popularity both in the United States and Europe, the Urban Loft style has continually proven that it’s far more than a mere trend.

Back in the 1940’s, when American industry began making its way to the suburbs, discerning renovators made use of all those newly emptied, inexpensive urban factories and warehouses- by converting them into open-concept, loft homes.

Not only did these new kinds of residences create big, affordable urban housing, their open nature also spawned a complimentary furniture philosophy. In order to match the feel of the spacious lofts, pieces required a similar look: sturdy, modern, and municipal .
The result is a design movement whose growth and versatility has never tired.

The term “loft”, according to Webster’s Dictionary, means “one of the upper floors of a warehouse or business building especially when not partitioned.” Aside from an open space up high, the word also signals how thick a type of material can be, as well as indicating a great degree of open, efficiently used space.
Appropriately, these descriptions best articulate the features of our new Urban Loft Furniture. Designed to combine our rustic style with the consistent qualities inherent in new wood, all pieces are built to last and inspire.

We’ve fully embraced the sturdiness of the Urban Loft concept in all of our work. For instance, you’ll find that the tops of all our designs are 1-½” thick, creating a bolder look and stronger functionality than the average furniture’s single-inch status quo.

In addition to the above features, our pieces are available in colors that exemplify the warmth of a well-lit loft: Brown Maple, Rustic Cherry, and Red Oak.
The options continue with your choice of three rich surface texture variations. Choose from Smooth, Wirebrushed, or Sawmarks.

All in all, Urban Loft Furniture provides a combination of clean, welcoming lines and urban craftsmanship. It’s an aesthetic of practicality, purpose, and handsome industry. If furniture could talk, the loft movement from which our work was born would be proud of the ways we’re contributing to the evolution of this decidedly independent, yet comfortable, style.